BlueVein's Journal for Febuary-March 2020 [Gauntlet Mini]

Daily Review

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Realized P&L:

Process Goal:

Evaluate your execution of your process goal:

Identify a few strengths


Identify a few areas for improvement


Review any missed trades

Missed Trades…

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Daily Review Video

Risk Plan for Gauntlet Mini


  • 2 Lots
  • Trading ES and CL
  • No Adv RPB or comprised Narrative trades.
  • $600 DLL

S2 - Unlock once P/L is at $1500

  • Adv RPB / compromised Narrative setups allowed.

Trading Hours:

  • 10 Mins before Pit Open
  • No Trades after 1115 (Can trade afternoon session once you hit S2)

Tap Outs:

  • Two process violations in a row.
  • Less than 7 hours of sleep. (Sim)
  • Trading on two different ideas in the same market within minutes of each other.

Daily Review

Realized P&L: 8.25P (ES) 0T (CL) 

Process Goal: Quality trade qualification/selection. Paying closer attention to harmonics on entry.

Evaluate the execution of your process goal:

Happy with my qualifications today. Really solid notes taken on watching these harmonics and identifying poor excess into lows/incomplete auctions. As well as straying away from dissidence in trades.

Major error was from the Sunday trade. Not qualified and a volatility/emotion-driven trade.

Identify a few strengths
  • Handling dissidence
  • Choosing to do nothing
  • Identifying lack of excess in swings.
Identify a few areas for improvement
  • Catch the divergence in chop.
Review any missed trades
  • No significant setups that I missed.

Daily Review Video