Example Journal & This Category's Purpose

This is for our Students and Traders to have a place where they can post their trade reviews, goals, and other content.

This allows you to have your own space for your material, and you can go comment and provide feedback on other’s content!

Here is what a good journal should have daily:

  • Morning prep, hypos for the day, and commentary on what the plan of attack is.
  • Review of each trade taken, identifying if it was a violation of your methodology, and what kind of setup it is. Identify errors in trade qualification and management.
  • Review what you did well today, what needs improvement, what your process goal is, and how you plan to improve. How will you be slightly better tomorrow than you were today?

Feel free to read and comment on other people’s journals. Find people near your trading level and connect, ask to be accountability buddies with them! Too many traders only post their good days and not their dark moments, however, those dark moments are the most important! This review process is a MUST to be successful and remember that the feedback we provide in your journal is only with good intention.