Meta-analysis of January 2020

This was a huge month for my trading. It started with the quickly blow Tryout account where I was able to take a lot of lessons away from that experience foremost:

  • Do not trade from inside the DVA
  • Simplify and avoid over-complicating process.
  • Needed to build out a REAL detailed process plan.
  • Work on and practice timing/rhythm entries. (Lots of double entries)
  • Multi-lot scaling.

It was quite easy to avoid trading from inside DVA. Removed VWAP from the chart and now there was no reason to!

I built out my process plan and was able to describe my process & how I trade. This was huge and is a continued work in progress.

Rhythm/timing is a skill I am still focused on building actively. It is about being consciously aware of the issue and determining that rotation harmonics and volatility before you enter. Using order flow as a tool to help gauge that shift. We will never be able to completely wipe out this, however, need to continue to work hard and developing the skill of this for each market.

Moving Foward

Feb is kind of a scratch month because of travel, however, planning to go round two at this tryout after. Will sim a bit when I get back to get into the grind of things and orient myself with the markets then will kick off the combine.

My primary process goal going forward is going to be the proper execution of multi-lot scaling (defined in process docs) as well as monitoring both ES & CL simultaneously.