Nfp mkmagic playbook

Upside break out insight here. Looking for the correlation to hit all those USD cross futures

The dollar is king here, it tells us all FIRST!

US data is in focus again. Monday we has strong ISM PMI figures and WED service was also a beat.
Clear focus on US

A clear retest of the inital upside resistance at 98.63 accelerated bid into this level would expose a retest of the 98.7 618 retrace

Nonfarm Payrolls measures the change in the number of people employed during the prior month, excluding workers in the farming industry. Given that full employment is one of the Federal Reserves mandates, it is very closely watched.

A reading that is stronger than forecast is generally supportive (bullish) for the USD, while a weaker than forecast reading is generally negative (bearish) for the USD.

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weekly view implies continuation through the reserve day and the monthly closing range

trend like break here. Simple, DXY up EUR down. Set up the inverse, fade or directional.

internal set up for the NFP break

I’ve got my eye on 130 ‘31’

Didnt take long