Some Rallies - Some Gaps - Crappy Caucus lol Morning Prep for Feb 4

Pre-Market Prep For ES & CL

Disclaimer: This prep is posted for your reference and learning. This is not financial advice nor trade ideas you should execute. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

High-Risk Events

1000 USD Durable Goods
State of Union Today (Early comments?)
Still no news on Iowa caucus… result could impact the market when reported.

OPEC meeting news may get announced.

Trade Plan Video

CL - Really looking for 52 to be tested. Major figure. Break blow 50 would also be significant. In between 5353 is my line in the sand. Just roll station to station.

ES - We have that Gap up. If we start to sell down at the open (read opening type) then we will look for the poor high/gap to fill and find buyers there or at the PVAH. If we break below PVAH then look for that 3244 inflection. However, we have tested that many times so it may rip. PVAH is my LIS.