Sweet Sweet Corona - Morning Prep

Pre-Market Prep For ES & CL

Disclaimer: This prep is posted for your reference and learning. This is not financial advice nor trade ideas you should execute. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

High-Risk Events

1000 WHO Conference on Novel Coronavirus
1000 USD ISM
1030 Oil Inventories

Trade Plan Video

ES - Powerhorse as we climb back to near ATHs… we are sitting in 1/17s CVA so that will be my primary reference for established value. Not looking to fade this move unless we get back below the CVAL. Pay attention to the opening type and be in tune for the high-risk events.

CL - Recent key rejection to go imbalanced down overnight would suggest continued rotational if not slight price migration up. If WHO says corona is not as bad blah blah we could see that new demand brings oil back up. Again the main references are CVA’s so station to station.