Welcome to February - Morning Prep

Pre-Market Prep For ES & CL

Disclaimer: This prep is posted for your reference and learning. This is not financial advice nor trade ideas you should execute. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

High-Risk Events

0930 - CAD RBC/PMI
1000 - USD ISM
1300 - EUR ECB Speech

Trade Plan Video

Recent key rejection of Weekly PVAL in CL. We have reached a large buy/distribution zone. Want to keep an eye out for the poor low to be taken out however looking for more rotational behavior. An aggressive move below the poor low/IPB would open up for a short to test 50… big figure.

Fridays sell-off was a big deal. However, so long as we are below 3244 I am not convicted on the bull side. That is my LIS for today.

(sick so no video)